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    The Hardest Lesson

    The Hardest Lesson

    I Hate School Lunches

    Every morning seems to bring the same particular challenge: lunch. My youngest daughter invariably has some issue with the food we have or the food we don’t have. I cannot think of a single morning in her school-age life where there hasn’t been some drama revolving around what she will take for lunch. We have tried everything! She has shopped with us. We have made it for her without asking her what she wants. We have tried having her buy school lunches. Nothing seems to work. This morning I had had enough of it.

    I came into the kitchen and she started on me. “There’s nothing for lunch.”

    “Yes, there is. You could also buy. It’s pizza day.” I said.

    “I hate that pizza.” She responded.

    I took a deep breath walked over to her and asked her to look away from her device and look me in the eye. “Scarlet, this is tough for me as a parent and it’s going to be a tough lesson for you, but it’s an important one.” She rolled her eyes. “There is food in the kitchen. There is pizza in the lunch room.”

    “I don’t want those things.”

    “Here’s the lesson. You have to make a decision. You either choose to get something from the kitchen, you choose pizza, or you go hungry. In life, you have to make decisions.”

    “But none of those are good choices.” She snorted.

    “Sometimes in life, there isn’t a decision that you want to choose, but you have to choose anyway. That’s life. The choice is yours.” I walked away to keep from being pulled back into the conversation. I took a shower and prepared for the day. Twenty minutes later, I walked her to the bus. She had a lunch bag in her hand. I have no idea what she brought, but at least she made a decision.


    “…if you chose not to decide/you still have made a choice…”-Rush

    Decision is the hardest choice. This is especially true when there seem to be no good options. But decision sets people into two categories: those who move with purpose and those who float on the tides that life sends them.

    Who will you be? Will you make decisions or will you chose not to decide?

    Napoleon Hill defines these types of life-decisions as “Definiteness of Purpose.” I love that! It sums it up so much more succinctly. He goes on to say this:

    ”There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” -Napoleon Hill

    What do you truly—in your deepest heart—want? If you’re struggling to answer that question you are not alone. Most people are too busy chasing what other people want to focus on what they want.

    Until you define a true and burning desire you cannot have definiteness of purpose. If you don’t have definiteness of purpose, you will, “…be like a ship at sea without a rudder, powerless and directionless.” According to Napoleon Hill.

    The Hardest Lesson

    My eleven year old daughter struggles with this. As tough as it is, my job as her father is to help her see that decision is the only way to move through life with purpose. Yes, she might be hungry today but she won’t starve. She may roll her eyes at me every time I remind her to make a decision. That’s okay. If I implant the knowledge of this way to her, I am sure that her life will have more direction and more purpose. Someday, she will understand and that will be a glorious day for me as her father./

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