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    This Wanderer’s Library: 2018

    Wander Doctrine 2018 Book List

    Every writer needs to list the books they’ve read, it’s a rule or something. Perhaps it’s a self-aggrandizing way to try and prove our worthiness as purveyors of description. Perhaps we just want to look cool or well-read, which (now that I’ve typed it) feels like an oxymoron. Well, anyway, here’s my list for 2018.

    Also, please note that all of the links here are affiliate links which give me a small commision to keep my library growing without costing you any more money. Please consider buying from these links. I will thank you profusely. So will my children, who are tired of sacrificing meals to accommodate my literary habits.

    Vacationland by John Hodgman

    We all know that there is no one more sadistic as a dentist; except for the grown man, in her office, laughing like a lunatic at an author’s description of emu eggs. I have not laughed, out loud, so hard in many years. This book is both tender and hilarious. Honestly, it pisses me off a little when someone can pull both off in a single work. Call it jealousy, if you must.


    How to Walk by Thich Nhat Hanh

    You probably learned to walk when you were very young. Perhaps, because of some horrific accident, you had to learn again. We’ve all been cheated out of learning to walk like Thich Nhat Hanh, but this book rights that wrong. In fact, if you learn to walk like this, you’ll realize that “right” and “wrong” are only constructs we’ve created. We can learn to arrive at home with every step when we accept all that life sends our way. This book will change forever how you view human locomotion.


    The Wander Society by Keri Smith

    When was the last time you read a book that literally made you leave the coffee shop to go find a talisman? This is not a book to read when you’re snuggled up with a cup of coffee; it’s a book to read when you want to be thrust into an adventure that will force you to dust off old books and begin looking for meaning in EVERYTHING. I would like to tell you that I read this book in one sitting, but the truth is, I read it while walking around the city looking for clues.

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