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    My Three Words for 2018

    My Three Words: Real Big Build

    For the past three years, I have given up New Year’s Resolutions in lieu of three words. If you’d like to read more about my thoughts on why, check out this post. I’ve settled on these three words for 2018: Real (Spirit), Big (Relationship), Build (Work). Let’s break them down.


    I am starting 2018 with the following assumptions: everything I have ever thought, felt, or believed, may be completely wrong; I may have been living in a dream world. If my perceptions–or what I call my “personal OS”–are not based on fallacies, then at least they are unchecked. So, this year, I am challenging it all. This year, I will choose what I think, believe, and “know,” with the single goal of only keeping what is real.


    For most of my life, I have put relationships behind other parts of my life. I haven’t allowed people deeply into my life. I haven’t poured my energy into developing relationships. With the exception of my immediate family, I have only allowed relationships a small part of my energy. This year, I am flipping that. This year, I am focusing on giving relationships a BIG part of my time and energy.


    I have started over a dozen businesses. Want to know how many have worked? Zero. I’ve started at least twenty-five blogs. Want to know how many are still around? Zero. I’ve looked back to see why I have never found success in all of these things and the only common denominator is that I never took the time to build. I put something out into the world and waited instead of building the foundation for a future. This year, I’m in building mode. Creating and constructing a foundation for my blog and a side-hustle is a big goal for me.

    What About Physical?

    In the Three Words post, I laid out my thoughts on physical goals. In short, they are an offshoot of spiritual goals. So, this year, REAL also applies to my physical being. To me, that means real food, real exercise, and real health. What exactly does this look like? Look for an upcoming post on REAL Health for Wandering.

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